How to Convert MIDI Ringtones to iPhone for Free in 5 Simple Steps

17th August 2010
It seems like everyone has an iPhone these days. It's a great multimedia gadget that can handle a wide variety of tasks. The iPhone is more like a pocket computer than a cell phone. One great thing about the iPhone is that it is backed by Apple, who consi... Read >

When a relationship is over

12th April 2010
When to Fight for Your Relationship; When to Admit it's OverFive Tips for Knowing When a Relationship is OverWhether to walk away from a relationship or whether to stay is one of the hardest decisions we face in life. When you're in the middle of a passio... Read >

The Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs

19th February 2010
Rhythm and Blues music has always been among the most romantic music in the world. Here's my list of the top ten best R&B love songs of all time. 1. "Love TKO" -- Teddy Pendergrass With the recent passing of Teddy Pendergrass his music has been pop... Read >